Sep. 29th, 2014

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[Filter: Private]

Where do you even begin.

Well, everyone, I hope you didn't make any plans after all, because as it turns out, this little Festival celebration I warned you about is going to be my wedding. ... In two days. Elden is going to

It can't be helped.

Perhaps it's better this way. Who knows what foolish things I might have done if I'd had another month to mince around.

... Let's take care of this, first. This is much easier.

[Filter: Maeve and Jasmine]

Would you two mind doing me a tremendous favor? It's a bit of an unpleasant one, let me just warn you in advance.

Korvin and Forbes seem to have unearthed some very nasty business in one of the uptown orphanages. Whisperwind, he said. It seems their chaplain is one of the sected ones, and frankly, I don't know or care which flavor, and neither will you when you know what he's done. He tricks the children into using journals they think are books for their lessons, to see whether they gain access, then presumably confronts them later and murders the ones who aren't to his ... preference. Father Vernan.

Maeve, I'd like you to take care of that mess for me, if you could~? ♥

And Jasmine, I need you to keep an eye on Korvin and Forbes, in the meantime. Korvin seems to think that he might have drawn some possibly fatal attention, and I'm inclined to play it safe, myself~
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[Filter: Franelcrew]

Well, dears, I have some news~ It's rather important, so I hope you're all paying attention! ♥

That lovely October wedding I'm sure you were all excited for has been moved up a bit. To tomorrow, actually~ A Festival wedding, isn't that adorable. And I'd really like you all to be there, so I hope you haven't made any pressing plans~

I'm sure you'll be wondering why, and the truth is, though the situation here in Norey has been less than ideal for some time, some ... information has recently come to our attention that necessitates Julian and I laying very low, for a little while. As in, leaving Norey. Now, I can't take all of you with me -- don't clamor onto this at once until you finish reading every last word, please -- but I plan to take some and the rest of you will be in very good hands, assuming you want to stay at all. I wouldn't blame you for a moment if you didn't. I'm sorry that I've been so awfully busy, I've hardly been the hostess I wanted to be, and this is not the Norey I wanted to bring you all to.

But things will improve.

To that end, I should say here and now that I will be traveling to Riva in the near future, as much of what is happening here is apparently rooted there, and as you all may remember, that's where the Seal is located as well. I regret to say that we have not yet found a mage capable of what we need, and we are running out of time to make this work. Lord Silas of Riva is not our friend, and the timing is going to be ... very tight. So.

Mydra has suggested that I return to Kilia while she prepares all of that in the hopes that you all might have some help for us in that regard. We have the dragons, after all -- I understand it's a dangerous journey, but it can be done, surely? We can take whatever measures are necessary. It's worth noting that I suspect Lady Westa and Lord Hasten are going to have similar difficulties.


That's the situation.

[Filter: Jasmine, Elden, Jordan]

Obviously, you three are the ones that I am hoping will accompany us.

And I'm sorry you're finding out with the rest of them. Maeve discovered that Silas put half a million gold on my head and promised the Guild a hundred thousand each just for joining the attempt, and it's been rather a damned whirlwind ever since.

Oh, and I'd like to bring Korvin. He asked to go weeks ago, and since he's managed to put himself in possibly mortal danger since anyway, I may as well take him! At least then someone will be happy about the whole arrangement~

[Filter: Korvin]

If you're still keen to go to Kilia, I can hardly turn you down now~


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