Dec. 10th, 2014

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[Filter: Scott]

What is this nonsense you are pulling with Lydia?!

If you know where to find Jack, and you need my people for help, you come to me. Directly. Do you think I'm too busy for my own friends?
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[Filter: Franelcrew in Norey]

I have a friend in Norey that may have found where Jack is.

Without boring you with too many needless details, he won't work with Mydra, and so he needs to work with you to recover him. He's being held in a smuggler's warehouse on the north face, which I hope none of you are familiar with because it's not a very pleasant part of the city, I'm afraid. It was just about flattened by the tornado all those years ago, and what's been rebuilt in the meantime ...

Mn. The Ravenwalk cuts through the center from the midtown market gate, and the place you're after ...

[there's a copy of Scott's map here]

The smaller marker is where my friend will be investigating. It's important that you both move at once, and you'll need to organize yourselves and coordinate with him to make sure of that. His name is Scott, and he has a journal. And yes, you can trust him. He was the one who saved my mother, back when that ... nastiness happened.

These are well funded and equipped smugglers, so please take this very seriously. Anyone who isn't prepared to handle a dirty fight needs to take shelter somewhere, obviously. Isobel, perhaps you could use the theater?


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