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The thing of it is, Mydra is right.

These people have a much larger goal than only assassinating her and Julian. They're convinced that this entire government has been hand-picked to be as hostile to them as possible -- and in some ways, they're quite right. They won't settle for anything less than a full revolution. But how to turn the people against a leader so well liked as King Reuben?

Certainly not by becoming even more well liked. Difficult to compete with that. But if you can shake the peoples' faith in their King's ability to keep them safe -- shake it so often and with such startling magnitude that eventually, the actual perpetrators of these crimes take less of the blame in the public consciousness than the man who, in their eyes, allows it to continue by being too incompetent or ineffective or whatever you like ...

And if that's their plan, Julian and I fleeing for our lives plays right into it. They'll jump on that. Look, the King protects his own by sending them off, because he knows that Norey isn't safe and there's not a thing he can do to improve it.

The moment the people go from grumbling about them to grumbling about us, our troubles become much more serious.

All that said ...

Did you know that Korvin has apparently been pining after Sawyer with such reckless intensity that the silly man actually wrote to me yesterday and begged me to fly him off to Kilia~? How funny timing can be, sometimes.


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