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Where do you even begin.

Well, everyone, I hope you didn't make any plans after all, because as it turns out, this little Festival celebration I warned you about is going to be my wedding. ... In two days. Elden is going to

It can't be helped.

Perhaps it's better this way. Who knows what foolish things I might have done if I'd had another month to mince around.

... Let's take care of this, first. This is much easier.

[Filter: Maeve and Jasmine]

Would you two mind doing me a tremendous favor? It's a bit of an unpleasant one, let me just warn you in advance.

Korvin and Forbes seem to have unearthed some very nasty business in one of the uptown orphanages. Whisperwind, he said. It seems their chaplain is one of the sected ones, and frankly, I don't know or care which flavor, and neither will you when you know what he's done. He tricks the children into using journals they think are books for their lessons, to see whether they gain access, then presumably confronts them later and murders the ones who aren't to his ... preference. Father Vernan.

Maeve, I'd like you to take care of that mess for me, if you could~? ♥

And Jasmine, I need you to keep an eye on Korvin and Forbes, in the meantime. Korvin seems to think that he might have drawn some possibly fatal attention, and I'm inclined to play it safe, myself~


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