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[Filter: Jasmine, Maeve and Elden]

I suspect that the moment we dock, I'm going to be pulled into a thousand obligations, all of which will prevent me from planning things out with the three of you. So let's discuss this while we still have some time, hm~?

Maeve, I still would like you to try and slip off from the group as quickly as possible. And I think Mydra is right -- it's best not to go alone. Elden, if you could accompany her? Silas is going to have us walking a specific route, seeing a specific side of things. What we need is some insight into the things he doesn't want us to see. Some information about how prepared he is, any possible ambushes, any gossip you can pick up from his people ...

Jasmine, I think it would be best if we introduced you in a role similar to Pandora's. She is Julian's personal guard, and you're mine. It gives you an excuse to follow me everywhere, no matter how sensitive the meeting. I'm going to be busy playing politics, so I need your eyes catching all the little details I can't while I'm distracting with lying to people and being lied to.

Last thing -- Mydra has her own people and isn't likely to interfere with you three directly, but if she does, follow her instructions until we can discuss it. I hate saying that, believe me, but it's safer for all of us that way. The more we distract ourselves fighting with her the more open we leave ourselves to Silas, and he won't hesitate.


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