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[Filter: Elden]

If you're at the theater right now, get out. I don't think Elyiethe's venue is near enough to be in danger, but better safe than sorry. Those Messenger might be targeting a safehouse four blocks down Theater Row, north from the pavilion. Mydra thinks they have more explosives.
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[Filter: Jack]

Would you like a chance to put yourself back on the list of people I feel I can mostly tolerate~? ♥

[Filter: Elden]

I had a fascinating discussion with Mydra, this morning~

Apparently, Josiah -- yes, that Josiah -- wrote to Julian yesterday afternoon begging for help protecting a Pillar friend of his. A young girl he claims he's sworn to protect? Either Lydia or Marigold, but I'm not certain which.
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[Filter: Mydra]

There's one girl in an incense wagon on Spirits' Walk. She's the one who planted the fireworks. No one has gone in or out, but your boys and I have her surrounded.

I'm assuming you'd like to have a chat with her. So glad to see your people are as disciplined as ever.
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[Filter: Pillars in Norey]

There! Do you see? That black haired girl with the patchwork cloak -- she's Adveni, I'm sure of it. Look! She just dropped another --


I'll find her.

Julian, go with Mydra. Stay on the floor of that litter.
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[Filter: Elden]

Dragons, this is awful. A thousand times worse than I thought it would be, and I wasn't very optimistic from the start~ I realize Mydra isn't so much a party person, but really. At least make it so that the people who aren't involved don't get suspicious.

Granted, the things they suspect ... I've had half a dozen people discreetly approach just to ask in so many words whether Britt is pregnant.

That would probably be preferable, though, wouldn't it?


[Filter: Britt]

You and that partner of yours are going to be the source of so many fun new rumours, after tonight~ I can feel it. The actual fun kind, mind you.

Though I've been meaning to mention~ I like that Nadya girl well enough, but you really need to come up with something to mask the smell, dear. People are talking. The perfume doesn't hide a thing. That girl must be spending her entire wage on that habit of hers, I swear.
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[Filter: Jasmine]

Do you remember when I said I had a bad feeling about Mydra's summons, this morning~? Well~ It managed to be much worse than I could have ever imagined, isn't that something~?

[Filter: Elden]

You may be interested to know that there's been a breach in security among Mydra's ... network. No one who knew about me, mind you, but they did know about Julian at the very least.

Not that I expect you to take any quarrels for him, of course. Just a warning that things may become very complicated, soon.

[Filter: Britt]

Has Mydra spoken to you at all?
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Well, needless to say, our departure has been somewhat delayed.

I apologize for not writing sooner, but certain someones around here have been very fussy about what I should and shouldn't be doing~ I'm fine. The worst I have to worry about at this point is how unsightly the scar will end up being, sigh. Really, whatever their intentions, all they've managed to do is be horribly inconvenient~ And we haven't had any trouble since. Unfortunately, no one managed a good look at the miscreant before Elden rendered him quite ... unrecognizable, but so it goes.

I still intend to set off for Norey, soon~ Just as soon as I can convince everyone that I can sit a horse without shattering into a thousand pieces.
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Hm, Julian, it's very sweet of you to have sent ahead to cover our accommodations, but you must know that the bill would have landed with you regardless, hm~? Well, I'm sure Mydra at least appreciates not having to sign off on the funding, first. How thoughtful of you to save her some paperwork~ ♥

Now, I don't supporse you're reading, Father Forbes? I'm not sure if you're aware that we've arrived in Colndor, and we do need to coordinate at some point! I'd like to be off toward Norey within the next few days, if possible.

[Filter: Jace]

I checked in at Best Dress this morning, by the way~ I'm not sure what to make of what I found there, but I'm assuming it's good news. Loren is gone, for one. I asked some questions, and apparently he was hauled off for tax evasion~? What a surprise.

There's a woman there, now, a rather fierce madame, really, but Cassidy is long gone. All she was willing to tell me is that she was taken to the capital, which, again, seems like good news to me~ I'm sure I'll be able to figure out what exactly happened once I get to Norey. Hopefully, she'll be waiting at my mother's estate. That was the ideal solution I suggested, back when I first spoke to Julian, hm.

Anyway, I just thought you might want to know, dear. ♥
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You'll be glad to know that we've arrived safely back to Temair~ I am hearing the most discouraging news about the present state of Erisport, however. We may as well start on our way, as I doubt it's going to get any better, given the season... but everyone's been warned~

Father Forbes, I don't suppose you could give us an estimated arrival date~
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Well, just look at all these lovely people~ And I thought those Atsirian balls would be the height of our exploits into the world of fashion~ How very wrong I was~ ♥

Of course, the guest of honor and her poor, blushing husband should have the first dance!

Sigh, I wish that we could spend every day like this~ It reminds me of home, if home were better mannered and had very specific taste in hats~ ♥
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[Filter: Irving]

What would you say if I told you that I've arranged a date for you with an adorable man who is very impressed by your archers' shoulders and would very much like to get to know you better over dinner~? ♥
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[Filter: Korvin]

Hello, dear~

Do you mind if we have a nice chat~? I'm afraid it may get a bit personal, but I won't ask you anything that I wouldn't share about myself, personally~ ♥
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[Filter: Jasmine and Elden]

Well, that was an enlightening meeting~

Korvin's grandmother is a lovely lady, as I'm sure you both expected. She was a dancer, actually, quite a well known one for her time, though that was sadly well before my own. Actually, we had a very long chat, I think Lawrence was rather bemused ... I hope we didn't bore him terribly~

Hm, but that's not what I wanted to talk about, not really. I've suspected this for a little bit now, and perhaps I'm not the only one, but now I'm just about certain. Lady Alynn had the most pointed questions for poor Korvin, you see, and now I'm afraid I'll have to break her heart. She was quite obviously hoping we were together. And despite all of my not inconsiderable efforts, we have sadly not been together in any non-platonic sense of the word. That, along with his reaction to her prodding, and the intensity of that prodding, well~

Lady Alynn may be Kanemorian, but I think she's still in denial about her grandson's romantic proclivities, sigh~ Poor Korvin. Can you imagine? A gay priest, in Northern Dentoria? No wonder he's in such a hurry to leave.
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[Filter: Franelcrew]

All right! Is everyone here? I know most of you must be very curious as to what this is about, so I'm going to try to explain the situation as I understand it as objectively as possible. Please refrain from interrupting until I've written out the entire story and given the clear for dicussion, thank you~ ♥

Essentially, it's come to light recently that Jack first joined this group at the behest of Druce's father, Lewis. Some of you might also recall that Druce's father is a rather notorious bandit leader and all around rogue, who took an interest in following this group uncomfortably closely right up until we crossed the Korin border. So. Jack doesn't deny that he was reporting our movements and the possibly sensitive situations we found ourselves in throughout our exploits in Atsiria and Hanalan. He tells me that Lewis ceased responding to his reports while we were in Hanalan, and he hasn't tried to make contact since.

I'm not certain how that information came to light, but Nessa became aware of it recently and confronted Jack about the situation last night, at which point Jack elected not to apologize but rather to point to the sacrifices he he's made in our company that in his opinion, entitle him to our trust. Obviously, he has been a part of this group for a good many years and done his part in regards of what we expect of all of our members, including most importantly his actions after breaking contact with Lewis, in Eina and throughout our struggles in Korin afterward.

So. I hope everyone is following this, so far~

After becoming exasperated with Jack's unwillingness to admit that he was dishonest with us for a very long time, and I think most importantly his reluctance to apologize for that, Nessa took her concerns to Lawrence, stating that she did not believe Jack could be trusted in our company any longer. Lawrence then agreed with her concerns, and informed Jack privately that he should pack his things and leave, at which point Jack wrote to me to inquire as to whether he would be still be welcome to join me back in Norey following our split at the Kilian border.

I, for my part, then decided that this sort of decision shouldn't be made without at least a discussion with all of you, because at the end of the day, we are at least a team if not a sort of family, after all this time, and perhaps after a day of thought and an objective discussion, cooler heads can prevail and we can do what's best for all of us.

Now, discuss.
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Well, who's ready to do some painting? I see several idle hands, and there are plenty of brushes here to fill them~ Jonathan, I'm sure it must be thrilling watching them haul those chairs around, but we have work to do~ Aileen! You, too! These pillars aren't going to paint themselves~ Druce, I think Nessa has plenty of help in the kitchen, already, I've already seen two of them nearly trip over you, and Jack, I know you're very good at pretending, but I know the truth~ You get over here, too.

Anyone else is welcome, so long as there are brushes left~ And we made sure to get plenty. ♥
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Well, I'm happy to report that we'll have several hours all to ourselves at the hot springs Monday afternoon~ I do hope that works for everyone, there wasn't much time to negotiate~ ♥

And with that settled, it seems I have a note left for me in here with my Festival assignment, how exciting! Did everyone get theirs, then? We should start taking care of those as soon as possible, hm~? I already have several ideas, for this one~ ♥
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Do you know what my favorite part of Eblar was, last time we were here~? Those lovely hot springs~ As I recall, they're very famous, and for a group this large I think I'd have to reserve time for us in advance ... but it was worth the hassle before, wasn't it?

So~ I'm wondering, how many of you would be interested~? ♥
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[Filter: Franelcrew]

Goodness, did the rest of you receive this summons, as well~? I'm guessing that everyone did.

I did a bit of poking around, and it seems that the reason for it is that Lord Glenn has actually arrived in Eblar~ So much for fleeing the country, hm? Perhaps they really were in hiding all along~? He doesn't seem to be in trouble, at least, if everyone is being summoned this way to greet him?

They're saying as well that the hearing to settle all this between Lord Hasten and Lord Tarmon can begin, now. That would certainly be interesting to watch~
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[Filter: Jasmine]

I hate to say it, dear, but I'm afraid something's come up ... I don't think I'll be making the party, after all.
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[Filter: Jasmine]

That poor girl. This is beyond disgusting, look at the smirk on that man's face. He's enjoying this, every bit of this, and everyone just stands here with their jaws agape watching like there's nothing that can be done! Like this is just the inevitable result of putting a twisted, evil little man on a pedestal by right of birth, how sad and tragic and unavoidable, look at these people! No one is going to say a word, are they?

I am not going to just stand here and let this happen. If none of these cowards will stand up to that beast, then --

Are you coming?


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