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Birthdate:Apr 23

Name: Fayre
Class:Dancer [Unpromotable] Fencer -> Lady [Modified]
Weapons: Swords [A], Bows [F]
Country: Kanemoria
Age:18192021 22
Birthday: April 23, 605
Zodiac: Taurus
Blood Type: O+
Family: Mother [Lisa, 37], Father [Daniel, deceased]</i>
Languages Known: Trade [A], Dentorian [B]

Fayre's life began quite comfortably; as the daughter of one of Kanemoria's most prestigious Council Members, she enjoyed many benefits of her father's position, finding the life of a moderately wealthy woman suited her just fine, thank you. She took great joy in particular in dressing up in fabulously exotic and sometimes rather revealing clothes, a habit her loving mother, whom she spent most of her time at home with while her father attended to Council business, encouraged if only for the amusing and endearing value. She taught Fayre to appreciate the beautiful body she was growing into, and though her father didn't always approve of her style, he was rarely home to enforce his ideas.

Despite his taxing job and many hours spent away from home, Fayre always felt close to both of her parents none the less; their family was close-knit and loving. However, when Fayre was twelve years old, her father made the fateful mistake of rather openly declaring his support for a bill that would have had severe effects on the widely known yet rarely spoken of Kanemorian underground society; that of thieves, bandits, crime lords and independent brigands alike... his influence and charisma, not to mention his close ties to Kanemoria's King, would have had the bill passed, of that, there was no doubt.

And thus, it was imperative to those of Kanemoria's underground society that he be removed, and that was how Fayre's entire world changed, in the blink of an eye.

Following her father's assassination, her mother began a slow, heartbreaking descent into dementia; though the sympathy payments and support from other nobles ranging from her father's fellow Council members to the King himself would have been more than sufficient to live well off of, her mother had neither the will nor the skills to stand up and take responsibility for the House that had been left in her care. She wilted, and the bills piled up, sympathy gold forgotten and unused. Fayre, of course, was too young to understand how things of this nature worked, and when they were eventually forced from their home, their assets siezed and their previous ties to the nobility and their King's sympathy the only thing keeping them from stark poverty... Fayre made a decision.

She had few real skills, having been quite frankly spoiled the majority of her life, but her mother's teachings guided her steps -- she would not only appreciate her beauty, not only live to enhance it, to make herself positively irresistable... she would put it to use. She practiced the simple dances her mother had taught her, smiling at the memories they imbued, the memory of her mother's laughter following her, inspiring every step. She became very popular among traveling merchants and locals to her hometown alike, and she spent her early teenage years gaining noteriety and earning enough gold to keep her mother and her off the streets, though only just.

Fayre took charge of her household, caring for her mother and managing their finances, maintaining her family's ties with certain members of the Kanemorian nobility -- and royalty -- as best she could. In particular, she kept up a close relationship with Prince Julian, the heir presumptive to the throne, and with Lady Brittany, also a Councilor's daughter. However, the stress of managing everything at her young age wore on her, little by little, particularly due to her mother's increasing number of "bad days" as time went on. None of the gold in the world could fix that, regardless of all her efforts, and Fayre went through a very dark period, spending longer and longer away from home and practically living at the Palace, guiltily delegating and increasing amount of her mother's care to hired servants.

At the age of fifteen, her ties with Britt and Julian, as well as her increasingly obvious skill in manipulating others, caught the eye of Kanemoria's Mistress of Spies, who recruited her as a field agent in order to keep her close. Fayre informed her mother that she had been recruited by a performer's caravan, and would travel the world, showing off her dancing ... while in reality, she traveled the world under various assignments from Mydra, gathering information, yes, but mostly doing as she pleased.

She remains in Mydra's service to this day, traveling with her bodyguard and best friend, Jasmine, met while pursuing an assignment in Atsiria, and Elden, an enigmatic actor with a million secrets. They eventually fell in with Lord Kail of House Franel, and have been following the struggles of his family and dealing with Mydra and Prince Julian's struggles in Norey in turns ever since, jumping between Dentoria, Kanemoria and Atsiria by dragonback, always where they feel they are most required.

Most recently, Fayre was involved in uncovering the plot by Julian's younger brother Tristel to murder his elder brother and move next in line for the throne, himself. At the culmination of these events, Fayre herself struck Tristel down, on the evening of the Festival of Fools, with Julian present to witness the entire debacle. The results of this have driven a wedge between them, with Julian bitter at having been deceived and kept ignorant of Tristel's ambitions despite Fayre and Mydra's long-standing suspicions, and Fayre frustrated at being spurned and ignored ever since.

These issues have kept Fayre firmly entrenched in the struggles of House Franel, in the meantime, after meeting up with them once more in the city of Cleraine. There, a number of shocking events have taken place, including a devastating earthquake, a plague of madness leading to the deaths of all but two of Lady Laeleena's heirs, and the apparent suicide of the matriarch herself on the night of the Moon Festival. Though Fayre technically serves as a spy, she has become rather emotionally invested in the group on a personal level, and remains to help them more due to her own desire to do so than for the sake of any political obligation... though she hardly gets along with everyone present, especially the socially reserved and highly religious Lady Celeste.

Fayre is cute, remarkably happy and upbeat, always quick with a suggestive joke and a generous wink for the men, and a witty remark and a friendly gesture for the women. She is incredibly proud of her dancing, and practices to an obsessive degree, at times, especially on the rare occassion that someone or something has managed to upset her. She is not afraid to cry, though she rarely does, and her laughter has captivated nearly every crowd she's made herself a part of in her travels. She wears her emotions on her sleeve; when she's happy, she's dancing and smiling, and perhaps humming a tune... when she's sad, she's frowning, her lips tremble, and there is no mistaking her frame of mind.

She does not dwell on the past, though she does remember the injustice done to her family, and loathes lawbreakers and bandits, thieves and their ilk, to a frightening degree. She is not very strong, but she doesn't seem to realize it; she carries a sword with her and isn't afraid to charge at someone she percieves as "of the sort that killed her father" regardless of her own safety. To the rest of society she is a sweet, funny, if somewhat scandalously dressed woman with a talent for dancing and a goal she makes no efforts to hide -- to find a nice, rich, handsome man to settle down with, and live the rest of her life in comfort as a fabulously wealthy lady. (In fact, she fully intends to marry the Prince.)

Even if she is gunning for a wealthy man, Fayre hardly limits her affections to them; any man is fair game, really, for who would begrudge her a little practice? After all, to win over such an eligible bachelor as she plans to one day, she'll need to be the very best at what she does! There is an air of absolute silliness about her, and she often seems to be rather poorly educated and easily taken in -- but when it is required of her, Fayre's upbringing and education shine through, throughly surprising those that see it. She's nowhere near a gullible and silly as she puts on, but 99% of the time, you'd hardly be able to tell.

Fayre is, in a word, beautiful. She takes meticulous care of her body, moderates her eating habits, stretches before and after every performance, performs routine flexibility and strength training exercises... she has just the right balance of muscle and soft curves, and there are very few men who have seen her dance that wouldn't admit that she is one of the most irresistable looking women they've ever seen.

She is of average height, standing at 5'5" tall, with long, stunning violet hair and rich amber eyes. She almost always wears her hair up, styling it in fashions just as exotic as her barely existant clothes. She considers it a crime against mankind to hide anything but the neccessary bits of her body, and her scandalously minimal clothing quite neatly complies with this philosophy. She enjoys dressing in bright colors and wearing multicolored ribbons in her hair; she's definitely easy to spot in a crowd, which is a good thing, because she certainly seems to attract quite a large one wherever she performs.

[Fayre is played by [info]elzie for [info]himitsu_sensou]
[Her PB is Celine Jules, from Star Ocean 2: The Second Story.]

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