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[Filter: Franelcrew]

My, is that three dragons, now? I don't suppose one of you can be spared for a little detour. I have several people near me that could use a sound draconic thrashing, assuming you are still holding fast to your rules against eating them outright.

That's not a serious request, obviously. Kanemoria is not ready for the aesdana. The popular conceit now is that wherever the Dragons returned appear next, well, is next, and that's a prophecy I'd rather not court.

I did happen to catch that you're all on your way to Taln, however, so I wanted to wish you good luck while I can. I may be ... occupied, when you arrive, and I'm certain you all will be.
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Well, Lord Silas~ I really must commend you, this is quite the sending off! And a lovely birthday celebration, besides~ ♥

[Filter: My Friends]

I especially love the way I'm not allowed to eat or drink anything Mydra hasn't explicitly approved~ Oh, and that I'm wearing an absolutely frumpy dress -- Jaina would be so proud! -- because it has to conceal three different weapons. Who wears boots to a birthday ball? Well, apparently Fayre does, this year, just look at her. I can't even dance without an ill-concealed circle of guards, and I know Pandora is trying to be subtle, I really do, but subtlety has never been her strong point, has it~?

At least we'll be out of this city come morning.

I swear, next year I need two birthday balls to make up for this~
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[Filter: Jasmine, Maeve and Elden]

I suspect that the moment we dock, I'm going to be pulled into a thousand obligations, all of which will prevent me from planning things out with the three of you. So let's discuss this while we still have some time, hm~?

Maeve, I still would like you to try and slip off from the group as quickly as possible. And I think Mydra is right -- it's best not to go alone. Elden, if you could accompany her? Silas is going to have us walking a specific route, seeing a specific side of things. What we need is some insight into the things he doesn't want us to see. Some information about how prepared he is, any possible ambushes, any gossip you can pick up from his people ...

Jasmine, I think it would be best if we introduced you in a role similar to Pandora's. She is Julian's personal guard, and you're mine. It gives you an excuse to follow me everywhere, no matter how sensitive the meeting. I'm going to be busy playing politics, so I need your eyes catching all the little details I can't while I'm distracting with lying to people and being lied to.

Last thing -- Mydra has her own people and isn't likely to interfere with you three directly, but if she does, follow her instructions until we can discuss it. I hate saying that, believe me, but it's safer for all of us that way. The more we distract ourselves fighting with her the more open we leave ourselves to Silas, and he won't hesitate.
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I have to admit, I wasn't expecting such a thoroughly uneventful journey! I think the most thrilling thing to happen was Lady Lindsay's bonnet blowing into the river, and that was more because of her reaction than the actual event ...

Hm, but here we are, and just as I suspected, Lord Wesley seems to have gone to a lot of trouble to ensure the grandiosity of our arrival makes up for the trek~

[Filter: Brittany]

I hope you have firewine, here~? It's been so long, and I think I need an entire bottle. Maybe two.
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[Filter: Mydra]

There is absolutely nothing happening outside, and I think you're aware of it.

What's the situation? There are several servants I've made note of, but your people have few distractions to contend with. Give me something to work with.
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[Filter: Mydra, Britt, Chris and Julian]

We're leaving tomorrow. It will take us at least two weeks, as you know.

By then I suspect we will have all the evidence his Majesty requires to sanction a visit to Riva. Mydra, I do hope you have been working on a plan for that. I have several, but you'd hate them all.

I'm bringing a mage with me, as we discussed. Aoife. She's never been outside Kilia in her life, and I suspect she'll require ... support. But she's proficient in all the things we need her for, and has a journal as well.
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[Filter: Franelcrew in Norey]

I have a friend in Norey that may have found where Jack is.

Without boring you with too many needless details, he won't work with Mydra, and so he needs to work with you to recover him. He's being held in a smuggler's warehouse on the north face, which I hope none of you are familiar with because it's not a very pleasant part of the city, I'm afraid. It was just about flattened by the tornado all those years ago, and what's been rebuilt in the meantime ...

Mn. The Ravenwalk cuts through the center from the midtown market gate, and the place you're after ...

[there's a copy of Scott's map here]

The smaller marker is where my friend will be investigating. It's important that you both move at once, and you'll need to organize yourselves and coordinate with him to make sure of that. His name is Scott, and he has a journal. And yes, you can trust him. He was the one who saved my mother, back when that ... nastiness happened.

These are well funded and equipped smugglers, so please take this very seriously. Anyone who isn't prepared to handle a dirty fight needs to take shelter somewhere, obviously. Isobel, perhaps you could use the theater?
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[Filter: Scott]

What is this nonsense you are pulling with Lydia?!

If you know where to find Jack, and you need my people for help, you come to me. Directly. Do you think I'm too busy for my own friends?
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[Filter: Franelcrew]

What's this I'm hearing about watches and ropes? Gags? Honestly! I realize they haven't been entirely cooperative, and I am by no means excusing their thievery -- but if you believe their help is so important, shouldn't we be trying something just a little bit more ... diplomatic~?

Let them have their journals back, goodness. Let's have a discussion. If this girl needs help, let's offer her our help. Honey and flies and all of that, hm~?

She hasn't told us her side of the story. I realize that being Kilian and all, she won't want to, but I suspect she'll want to be tied and gagged and left in the cellar for a night far less.
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[Filter: Scott]

I've gone back and forth on how to handle this, and you'll be glad to know that I've decided it would be silly to send a thank you through Christopher when I know perfectly well you can and will read this on your own.

So, thank you.
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[Filter: Cassidy]

How are things, dear? Mydra indicated she would have the royal guard deployed, or something close. You should be safe ...

I'm sorry about all that. Those girls ... they deserved better.

[Filter: Franelcrew]

Firstly, how is Forbes?

Secondly, has anyone from the palace reached out to you at the townhouse, yet? If you're even still there at all, which I could hardly blame you if you were not. You all need a plan to stay safe, right now. There's likely to be more trouble, especially if they're given opportunities to take advantage of.

Maeve, Jack, Mydra indicated that she would be speaking with the two of you in particular, so if she hasn't yet -- please do prepare yourselves for that.
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[Filter: Mydra]

If you let them kill my mother, I will destroy you.
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[Filter: Franelcrew, Fayrecrew]

[there's a rough sketch of a map here, with their current location and planned route marked, as well as a rough estimation of where Baethan is]

From here on, it will be difficult to adjust our course, so if you have any help to give concerning the actual location of Baethan, we'd be very grateful~ We've put together a very rough guess, based on Tarra and your travel updates, but frankly I'd rather not have to do more blind searching than we have to in those mists! Poor Julian just hates it when we turn those tight circles, and that's in broad daylight with visibility for miles~ ♥

Assuming everything goes smoothly, or at least not terribly, we ought to find you by the end of the week~

[Filter: Jasmine]

And I'm assuming by that sour look on your face that you're against the idea of stopping in to say hello to your father~? We don't have to, you know. The smaller villages will do just as well.
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[Filter: Franelcrew]

Well, dears, I have some news~ It's rather important, so I hope you're all paying attention! ♥

That lovely October wedding I'm sure you were all excited for has been moved up a bit. To tomorrow, actually~ A Festival wedding, isn't that adorable. And I'd really like you all to be there, so I hope you haven't made any pressing plans~

I'm sure you'll be wondering why, and the truth is, though the situation here in Norey has been less than ideal for some time, some ... information has recently come to our attention that necessitates Julian and I laying very low, for a little while. As in, leaving Norey. Now, I can't take all of you with me -- don't clamor onto this at once until you finish reading every last word, please -- but I plan to take some and the rest of you will be in very good hands, assuming you want to stay at all. I wouldn't blame you for a moment if you didn't. I'm sorry that I've been so awfully busy, I've hardly been the hostess I wanted to be, and this is not the Norey I wanted to bring you all to.

But things will improve.

To that end, I should say here and now that I will be traveling to Riva in the near future, as much of what is happening here is apparently rooted there, and as you all may remember, that's where the Seal is located as well. I regret to say that we have not yet found a mage capable of what we need, and we are running out of time to make this work. Lord Silas of Riva is not our friend, and the timing is going to be ... very tight. So.

Mydra has suggested that I return to Kilia while she prepares all of that in the hopes that you all might have some help for us in that regard. We have the dragons, after all -- I understand it's a dangerous journey, but it can be done, surely? We can take whatever measures are necessary. It's worth noting that I suspect Lady Westa and Lord Hasten are going to have similar difficulties.


That's the situation.

[Filter: Jasmine, Elden, Jordan]

Obviously, you three are the ones that I am hoping will accompany us.

And I'm sorry you're finding out with the rest of them. Maeve discovered that Silas put half a million gold on my head and promised the Guild a hundred thousand each just for joining the attempt, and it's been rather a damned whirlwind ever since.

Oh, and I'd like to bring Korvin. He asked to go weeks ago, and since he's managed to put himself in possibly mortal danger since anyway, I may as well take him! At least then someone will be happy about the whole arrangement~

[Filter: Korvin]

If you're still keen to go to Kilia, I can hardly turn you down now~
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[Filter: Private]

Where do you even begin.

Well, everyone, I hope you didn't make any plans after all, because as it turns out, this little Festival celebration I warned you about is going to be my wedding. ... In two days. Elden is going to

It can't be helped.

Perhaps it's better this way. Who knows what foolish things I might have done if I'd had another month to mince around.

... Let's take care of this, first. This is much easier.

[Filter: Maeve and Jasmine]

Would you two mind doing me a tremendous favor? It's a bit of an unpleasant one, let me just warn you in advance.

Korvin and Forbes seem to have unearthed some very nasty business in one of the uptown orphanages. Whisperwind, he said. It seems their chaplain is one of the sected ones, and frankly, I don't know or care which flavor, and neither will you when you know what he's done. He tricks the children into using journals they think are books for their lessons, to see whether they gain access, then presumably confronts them later and murders the ones who aren't to his ... preference. Father Vernan.

Maeve, I'd like you to take care of that mess for me, if you could~? ♥

And Jasmine, I need you to keep an eye on Korvin and Forbes, in the meantime. Korvin seems to think that he might have drawn some possibly fatal attention, and I'm inclined to play it safe, myself~
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[Filter: Mydra]

Silas is recruiting the Guild at one hundred thousand gold per operative with a bonus of five times that amount to the one who actually lands the killing blow.

Does that make me the most lucrative target in Kanemorian history? I figured you would be the one to ask~

The information he's circulating gives a date. The twenty-third.
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[Filter: Private]

But do I wish she'd argued?

Silly girl. If you want to be convinced to do something else, stop making such good points.


Hn. I don't really want to leave. Unless it's to Riva. That, I would enjoy immensely.

If the knew how much I actually enjoyed this -- Jasmine, Julian, even Britt. A whole city full of Messengers to find, begging me to find them. Maybe that's why I wish she'd argued. I don't know who to be, like this. Julian's beloved queen. Elden's favorite killer.

[Filter: Korvin]

I'm sorry, dear. I've spoken with Jasmine, and there is just no way any of us can free up the time necessary for your little trip.
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[Filter: Jasmine]

The thing of it is, Mydra is right.

These people have a much larger goal than only assassinating her and Julian. They're convinced that this entire government has been hand-picked to be as hostile to them as possible -- and in some ways, they're quite right. They won't settle for anything less than a full revolution. But how to turn the people against a leader so well liked as King Reuben?

Certainly not by becoming even more well liked. Difficult to compete with that. But if you can shake the peoples' faith in their King's ability to keep them safe -- shake it so often and with such startling magnitude that eventually, the actual perpetrators of these crimes take less of the blame in the public consciousness than the man who, in their eyes, allows it to continue by being too incompetent or ineffective or whatever you like ...

And if that's their plan, Julian and I fleeing for our lives plays right into it. They'll jump on that. Look, the King protects his own by sending them off, because he knows that Norey isn't safe and there's not a thing he can do to improve it.

The moment the people go from grumbling about them to grumbling about us, our troubles become much more serious.

All that said ...

Did you know that Korvin has apparently been pining after Sawyer with such reckless intensity that the silly man actually wrote to me yesterday and begged me to fly him off to Kilia~? How funny timing can be, sometimes.
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[Filter: Pillars in Norey]

One thing is for certain -- that place was exactly what we thought it would be.

Unfortunately, Serj and Nadya both fled not more than an hour before we arrived. The people they left behind don't seem to know where they've gone, but that could only be their loyalty to the cause -- or to Serj himself -- talking. It's hard to say.

There may be some useful information in what they left in the wake of their hasty retreat. Britt's already found what looks like a ledger detailing all sorts of shipments from Riva, of all places, and there is merchandise here that no simple Adveni shopkeeper should have.
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[Filter: Pillars in Norey]

Out of curiosity ...

Did anyone tell Christopher what was happening? Julian?

He wrote about it, warning people in the theater district. It occurred to me that you wouldn't be able to see the filter -- to performers only.

We really need to talk to him. Some of what he said -- honestly. If they hadn't suspected him before, they certainly would now. It's exactly what we thought. He has no idea how easy it is to say something dangerous.


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